NCR's Facebook page reaches 6,000 fans

To celebrate our 6,000 Facebook fans, we gave away two six-month subscriptions to NCR. To be considered for the drawing, we asked fans to answer one question: Where do you find hope in the church?

To date we’ve received 81 responses, too many to include in this post. Below are a few notables.

Visit to weigh in and view the remaining responses. And while you’re there, like our page. The NCR staff works hard to keep this page up-to-date with the latest news and posts from our contributors. There’s some interesting discussion going on there, too.

Where do you find hope in the church?

"My hope is in the Spirit who lives in the hearts of so many good people. It is this Church that I love and work toward seeing coming to its fullness."

"There's a lot of hope: in the parish priests who work tirelessly with their parishioners, keeping their eyes on what's really important in the lives of Catholics; in the nuns who serve those in need across the world; in the laypeople who answer God's call in working for social justice. And, above all, in the Eucharist, which brings us all together in Christ's body and blood, in spite of our differences."

"In the people ... the "People of God" ... who have owned their faith--amid doubts and questions--and are committed to be disciples, working for the bringing about of the Kingdom of God."

"In its universities and campus ministries; in its commitment to social justice; in the lay women and men who keep the parshes running; in prayerful, kind and courageous pastors; in the RCIA process; in the one commandment we have always kept: 'Do this in memory of me.'"

"In the children who demonstrate how we all should be--full of awe and wonder."

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