A plea for justice, a plea to save an innocent man's life

Two important facts you should know about Paul William Scott: One, he was sentenced to death in Florida's electric chair in 1979. Two, he is almost certainly innocent of the crime for which he was convicted - yet stays incarcerated.

The more one leans about this miscarriage of justice the more outraged one can become. But outrage does not help. Becoming informed and working for justice on this matter does.

In 1979, Paul William Scott was sentenced to die on Florida's death row. Rick Kondian, convicted co-defendant, has long since confessed to committing the murder of Mr. James Alessi. Subsequently, Rick Kondian “plea bargained” down to a 2nd degree murder sentence, served 15 years and was released in 1994.

And yet, in 2009, provably innocent Paul Scott remains in a tiny cell with the distinction of being the longest surviving death row inmate in FL to have faced three death warrants.

Upon being informed of facts and irrefutable truths, nine of Scott’s former jurors have expressed shock and dismay in being misled, lied to and tricked into a guilty verdict and a death sentence. Eight members were outraged enough to make affidavits stating they were deceived by the state and voicing their regrets.

Friends of Scott plead for your help.

One of these friends is a Catholic priest from Bethlehem, PA. named Father Edward McElduff who has explains his involvement in the case in a YouTube video.

Sr. Helen Prejean is among those pleaing for justice.

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