South Carolina proposes Sharia Law ban

by Tom Gallagher

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South Carolina Becomes Latest State To Tackle Sharia Law Ban

"A group of South Carolina legislators recently proposed a bill to counteract the perceived risk of Islamic-based Sharia law, as well as other foreign law, from being used by the state's legal system.

S.C. State Sen. Mike Fair (R), who introduced the bill in the Senate, recently portrayed the bill as a necessary guard against constitutionally-prohibited considerations of foreign law that were being pushed by immigrants with different religious beliefs.

"S.C., like other states, recognizes the need to assert the fact that our state and U.S. constitutions are the basis for civil law in our country," Fair told Human Events in a recent interview. "Some locales have been threatened by the encroachment of foreign law into local, state and or federal law despite obvious violations of our constitutions. A growing concern is the immigration of people who are accustomed to their religion and their civil laws being inextricably connected. For those newcomers to our state, this bill will be helpful to them as they are assimilated into our culture maintaining complete freedom to worship as they please."


It's ironic that Muslims are being singled out for special treatment with respect to Sharia law. In Connecticut, the Religious Corporation Act - which creates faith-affiliated organizations, including Roman Catholic Church, incorporates the internal laws of six different religious groups into the state civil law.

If you click here, just scroll down to the sections listed below and you can read the civil law yourself.

Sec. 33-265 - Episcopal

Sec. 33-268 - Methodist

Sec. 33-277 - Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church

Sec. 33-278 - Lutheran Church in America

Sec. 33-279 - Roman Catholic Church

Sec. 33-281a - The United Methodist Church

Why not incorporate the Islamic law into, say, Connecticut's Religious Corporation Act?

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