Is U.S. military action necessary in Syria?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my concerns over the situation in Syria. I am even more concerned today.

I advocated then some kind of severe economic sanctions on Syria for its brutal and inhumane slaughter of its own citizens. I also suggested that perhaps some form of international military action might need to be taken. The latter issue is the one that gives me the most difficulty.

I am not a pro-war person and have been critical of U.S. policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, though I supported the NATO action in Libya. I don't believe military action by itself settles any international dispute -- witness our quagmire in Afghanistan.

At the same time, I don't believe we -- meaning Americans and people of good conscience in general -- can just stand aside and see innocent people get killed by a brutal regime. I understand we can't get involved in police actions all over the world, but in some cases, we need to seriously consider doing so. I believe the case of Syria is one such case.

I don't know just how this would work or the level of military action that would be necessary, but I can't see doing nothing when tanks and heavy weapons enter a Syrian city to kill innocent people. Sometimes there is the need for police action, and an international police action is certainly called for in Syria.

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