A personal prayer for All Souls' Day

Do not withhold kindness even from the dead. -- Sirach 7:33

The following could be prayed by anyone who feels alienated or not at peace with someone who has died.

  1. Have before you a photo of the person who has died.

  2. Recall your differences, the situations and events that sparked the alienation.

  3. Write about some of these difficult memories. You may even want to write a dialogue with the person who has died.

  4. Hold these memories out to Jesus, the healer. Allow him to take these memories and hurts from you.

  5. Visualize Jesus welcoming you and healing you from these memories and hurts.

  6. Pray for peace for the one who has died. Envision this person being at rest, at home in the arms of God. (Or visualize Jesus taking this person by the hand and welcoming him or her home.)

  7. Allow peace to permeate your mind and heart. Rest in the comfort of God’s love.


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