A Psalm of Cosmic Communion

May I join you, cosmic congregation of galaxies,
as you dance with delight before our God.
You spin and leap with brilliant bursts of light,
never tiring of your sacred circle-play.

May I join you, star-children of countless constellations,
in the worship of our common Creator
in your rotating rituals of nuclear energy
as you sing cosmic chants of divine fire.

May I join you, I who find my times of devotion
so often flat and fireless,
bound by routine and uninspired,
stagnant due to their lack of zeal.

May I join you, so that my prayers
may also spin with sparkling splendor,
spawning long tails of luminous devotion
to carry my praise and adoration
straight to the heart of my Beloved God.


Prayer action suggestion:
Name the stars who guide your life.

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