Turning old age's prison into a time of forgiveness and gratitude

Essay: One day you awake to find yourself behind barbed wire fences as a prisoner of an escape-proof concentration camp -- old age.

Holy Consumerism

Karen Armstrong, the author of several excellent books on religion, makes an intriguing observation when she says that for many people religion has become just another consumer item or service. How many people use their religion to undergo a transformation, and how many expect attending church or synagogue will provide them with a little moral uplift?

Psalm for a Stalled Heart

My heart is cold today, O God,
I feel no burning desire,
no zeal to pray or be with you.

My heart is frozen by the chill of emptiness—
sluggish and stalled.

A Psalm of My Whereness

The question “Where Have I come from?”
rises up and haunts me;
lingering, it floats like a flower
in the backwaters of my mind.