Going hard core: Reduce before recycle

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It all started a couple months ago when I learned that Whole Foods would no longer accept Nos. 1-7 plastics for recycling. That's a bummer. Our local curbside recycling accepts plastic bottles, but what about the clamshells that berries come in? What about the No. 5's that yogurt comes in?

I diligently started searching for alternative places to recycle these plastics and found several. However, the more I researched I realized that the reason many recyclers were no longer accepting plastics was because their previous markets (primarily China) were no longer accepting our plastic. Finding alternate plastic recycling sources is only a temporary solution. I was going to have to go hard core – back to the recycling mantra REDUCE, reuse, recycle. But what about my beloved yogurt? I took a deep breath and decided to dig out my old yogurt maker from decades ago. Last week I made yogurt. Yea!

Susan Vogt is a speaker and writer in Covington, KY, who is committed to helping couples enrich their marriages, parents inspire their children and everyone to deepen their faith and simplify their lives.

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