How we missed the opportunity to save the planet

This last week, I finally read a New York Times Magazine article that had been written a month ago — a long article, it took up the whole issue of the magazine — about how, 30 years ago, we missed the opportunity to save the planet. They called it "Losing Earth." Wow!

It is discouraging. It is not a call to action. It offers a bleak vision of the future. But it's the future we've got because we were not able to make political choices.

That's why I encourage you, dear reader, to read this very long essay. I cannot stress too much how long it is. Be forewarned. But it is well-written, compelling, even gripping — despite that we know before we begin how it will end.

And having read the grim news of our human failure, what does God call us to do? Love one another and help one another prepare for grim times ahead. That's our task.