April Gutierrez is a graduate of Boston College's School of Theology and Ministry and is a campus minister for First-Year Experience at Loyola University Chicago. She is a contributor for NCR's most recent e-book: Pope Francis at 100 Days: The World's Parish Priest.

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Answering the call

Young Voices: My career as a lay minister thus far has been life-giving, but there has also been a tug to ordination that I have suppressed since I was a girl.

Learning the importance of ritual for life and death

Young Voices: My grandma, throughout her life and even after her death, taught me the significance of ritual.

Finding my path in the labyrinth

Young Voices: In uncertain times, the labyrinth prayer practice allows me to connect with God, process my desires and honor the inevitable meandering in prayer.

Students use selfies, signs to start interfaith dialogue

Young Voices: Students and organizations like Interfaith Youth Core are taking on prejudice and misunderstanding between religious groups with direct, social actions.