The first week of Advent: Daily meditations with Laudato Si'

NCR is sharing Advent reflections based on the text of "Laudato Si': on Care for our Common Home." This first week offers ways to connect with God's loving plan, be mindful of integral ecology, truly see creation and uphold human dignity.

Spend Advent with Laudato Si' and a question: What is God asking of me?

Introduction: Arthur Jones, a former editor and publisher of NCR, embarks on a series of reflections, an Advent journey through Pope Francis' environmental encyclical.


The irreconcilable duality of Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI was the kindly priest with a liberal heart and a conservative soul, an irreconcilable duality, as was his dual role as pope and as presider over the final three sessions of the reforming Second Vatican Council.


What happened to the Catholic Church? (Part 2)

Part Two: Jesus had founded a community of and for the poor, yet most of its top leaders were wallowing with the wealthy or in personal wealth.The great example of how far the church had strayed is St. Francis of Assisi, who also offered a solution.