Just say the words: I try to pray after losing two children to suicide

This is about a father who has to fight against feeling that he is a freak. This is about a father who is still trying to figure out how to pray after his life turned upside down — twice.


The joy of love -- but not for everybody

Commentary: The pope's exhortation that LGBT people be treated with respect is heartfelt. But the church has offered those words before, and they often ring hollow.

Cordileone's continuing controversy in San Francisco revolves around Catholic identity

The continuing controversy surrounding San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone's attempt to emphasize Catholic teaching on sexuality in the San Francisco high schools under his control is, among other things, about how we understand Catholic identity.

In the context of our secular society, it is good and necessary for a diocesan bishop to focus on Catholic identity.

What is really toxic in the new San Francisco teacher handbook

NCR Today: The language of the handbook suggests that if employees are discreet, then no harm, no foul. This is a clumsy, inept Catholic version of "Don't ask, don't tell."