Two cakes, two courts, two countries: Same result

On both sides of the Atlantic, a drama set in a bakery has pitted freedom of religion against LGBT civil rights and Exhibit A has been a wedding cake — or as it's been colloquially dubbed here, a gay cake.

Buffer zone around London abortion clinic is a first for Britain

A municipal council in a West London suburb voted this week to allow a buffer zone around an abortion clinic — the first such zone of its kind in Britain, where abortion has been legal for 50 years.

Archbishop of Canterbury: Church has failed to protect children from abuse

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby told a national commission investigating child sex abuse that his church has not done enough to root out the problem.

Chief inspector: English schools need to address extremist elements

Parliament’s education select committee heard March 7 from England’s chief inspector of schools, whom some appreciate for her frankness and others accuse of unfairly singling out Muslims.