British inquiry into church sexual abuse blasts UK's papal nuncio

A British government inquiry into the sexual abuse crisis that continues to shake the Catholic Church has focused on the actions of the Vatican’s diplomatic service — its network of papal nuncios around the world.

Prince Charles to call for Middle East peace at service for persecuted Christians

The British heir to the throne, who would become Supreme Governor of the Church of England when he becomes king, is to make an unprecedented plea for peace in the Middle East at a special service for persecuted Christians in London Dec. 4.

Two cakes, two courts, two countries: Same result

On both sides of the Atlantic, a drama set in a bakery has pitted freedom of religion against LGBT civil rights and Exhibit A has been a wedding cake — or as it's been colloquially dubbed here, a gay cake.

Buffer zone around London abortion clinic is a first for Britain

A municipal council in a West London suburb voted this week to allow a buffer zone around an abortion clinic — the first such zone of its kind in Britain, where abortion has been legal for 50 years.