Britain's first Anglican same-sex marriage celebrated in Scottish church

The first gay marriage in an Anglican church in Britain took place Aug. 1, a day after Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby described the continuing squabbles over same-sex marriage in the worldwide Anglican Communion as “intractable.

It's no longer Sunday best for the Church of England

Following a vote by the Church of England’s ruling body, Anglican priests can now wear lay garments such as a suit, so long as their parochial church council agrees.

British Christians wonder if there is room for them in politics

Concern is growing among British Christians about their place in the country's public life after Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, resigned over his religious beliefs.

Debate about Islam and security dominates British election

British June 8 elections: Ahead of the elections, Conservative prime minister Theresa May said she was prepared to impose new restrictions on the freedom and movement of terrorism suspects.