Rachel Held Evans showed us how to hold the church door open for others

Appreciation: When news of Rachel Held Evans' death May 4 reached me a few hours after her passing, it literally knocked me to my knees. I simply could not believe it. How had this unwavering source of light and grace in the world been struck down and silenced?

For millennials, mysticism shows a path to their home faiths

While many younger Americans today are spiritually unaffiliated, aka "nones" — a quarter of all adults under the age of 30 in the United States say they don't identify with any religion or spiritual tradition, according to the Pew Center for Religion and Public Life — millennials are increasingly finding contemplative spirituality appealing.

In new book, Richard Rohr says the 'universal Christ' changes everything

It's a simple, if radical, idea. And one that some critics of Richard Rohr, the 76-year-old Franciscan who founded the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque 32 years ago, have described as "dangerous" and even "heretical."

A TV God for the age of anxiety

The new CBS hourlong dramedy "God Friended Me" premiered to such impressive ratings that the network gave a full-season order. Its surprise success has caused some media watchers to wonder whether we're on the cusp of a religion renaissance on the small screen.