Chris Byrd frequently reviews books, films and TV shows for Catholic publications.

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Ambitious Holocaust documentary displays better history than filmmaking

The documentarians behind "The U.S. and the Holocaust" say the United States took in more Jewish refugees than all other countries — 225,000 — during the war, but in their correct judgment, we could have done better.


Flawed documentary chronicles momentous year in prominent attorney's life

Chris Byrd calls a documentary about the Black lawyer Ben Crump "imperfect and tendentious." Veering toward hagiography, "Civil: Ben Crump" will likely limit its viewership to those who concur with the filmmakers' assessment.

Vital, challenging film tackles America's original sin

The documentary "Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America" is essential viewing, arriving at a crucial moment when too many deny racism happens. The film revolves around a lawyer's comprehensive talk on anti-Black racism.

Showtime documentary captures the brutality of 1971 Attica uprising

Movie Review: Much of "Attica's" power comes from the way its previously unseen archival footage puts you in the thick of the state's stunning, horrifying, devastating military-style assault upon the prisoners and the hostages.