'Chicago 7' film about iconic '60s trial disappoints

Film Review: In any historical drama, screenwriters typically take some liberties. But Aaron Sorkin's egregious omissions and what he gets wrong fundamentally mar the new film "The Trial of the Chicago 7."

New documentary explores the 'Good Trouble' instigated by the late John Lewis

Film review: Director Dawn Porter creates a memorable, if incomplete, picture of the voting rights advocate known as the "conscience of Congress."

Book Review

Book on Katrina is ambitious, flawed

01012016p17pha.jpgKATRINA: AFTER THE FLOOD
By Gary Rivlin
Published by Simon and Schuster, $27

Book Review

Advocate for justice honors humanity of all

Book review: The affecting new memoir Just Mercy is rooted in understanding that "being broken is what makes us human."