Damian Costello is the author of Black Elk: Colonialism and Lakota Catholicism (Orbis Books). He is director of post-graduate studies at NAIITS: An Indigenous Learning Community and the American co-chair of the Indigenous Catholic Research Fellowship.

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Rediscover sacred fire on the eve of the Nativity of St. John

On June 23, the eve of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, connect to an ancient tradition, "The Night of John's Fire," and rediscover fire not only as a survival tool or scorching threat, but also as a sacred presence.


What St. Patrick's prayer song teaches us about connecting with the land

Commentary: Known for converting Ireland, St. Patrick's relevance today comes from how the land of Ireland converted him.


Re-Indigenize your faith by recognizing sweetgrass, all things as kin

Seeds of authentic kinship with the other-than-human world exist in Christian tradition as well as in Indigenous wisdom. Both views create a vision of the whole of creation, with humanity a small yet important part.