Canadian bishops' abuse policies do not include way to censure bishops

New sexual abuse policies that Canada's bishops have vowed to implement will focus on prevention but will not include a mechanism to censure a bishop who commits or covers up an offense.

Abuse crisis is like fire purifying church, says head of Canadian bishops

The sexual abuse crisis is like a fire that should be left to burn to purify the church, said the president of the Canadian bishops' conference.

Canadian House passes motion calling on Pope Francis to issue apology

In a rare show of unanimity, the House of Commons overwhelmingly supported a motion to call on Pope Francis to apologize on Canadian soil for abuses that occurred at church-run residential schools.

Motion fails: Parliament wanted to direct CCCB on papal abuse apology

A conservative member of Parliament blocked a motion calling on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to invite Pope Francis to apologize for the Catholic Church's role in abuse at Indian residential schools.