Ottawa archbishop surprised by negative reaction to robotic spider on cathedral

Ottawa, Canada -- The archbishop expressed regret that several Catholics were shocked at the sight of a giant robotic spider perched on Notre Dame Cathedral.

Canadian bishops issue synod questionnaire, will keep results private

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has invited dioceses to prepare for the worldwide Synod of Bishops with a set of questions on marriage and family life, but the conference said any questionnaire results will remain private.

Canada's Supreme Court strikes down physician-assisted suicide ban

This historic decision does away with most provisions in law prohibiting physician-assisted suicide, giving the government a year to craft legislation.

Liberation theology rooted in Bible, Christ, Father Gutierrez says

Liberation theology, which interprets the teachings of Christ in relation to liberation from unjust social, economic and political conditions, is rooted in the Bible and the life of Jesus, said the priest who developed the concept nearly 50 years ago.

Dominican Fr. Gustavo Gutierrez told an audience Nov. 7 at St. Paul University in Ottawa that "theology is a hermeneutic of hope. Theology touches on the motive, the story of our Lord in history."