Diana L. Hayes is professor emerita of systematic theology at Georgetown University.

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An 'ambivalent life': Black diaspora seeks a place to call home

Louis Chude-Sokei's memoir gives us insight into and, hopefully, empathy for Africans of whatever nation and African Caribbeans, seeking a place to call home, and struggling to understand the weird world of the United States, where persons of African descent are stereotyped in a way that affects all of us, regardless of country of origin.

Book Review

New memoir asks: What does it mean to be Black, to be a Black woman?

Book review: In Surviving the White Gaze, Rebecca Carroll recalls life growing up adopted into a white family. How do you navigate life when the images of Blackness you have are so few, or embittered, confused or nonexistent?

Book Review

New book calls for 'reverse migration' of Black Americans to the South

Book Review: Charles M. Blow's thoughtful, challenging book recounts the Great Migration and its impact on the South. He calls for a return of Blacks to the South to reclaim our lost political heritage.

Book Review

Memoir recognizes need for more than talk about racial reconciliation

Book review: In Becoming Brave, Brenda Salter McNeil traces the journey of realization that came to her after 30 years of teaching and working in the field of racial justice.