Continuous Communion

Life is perpetual communion. First, you are constantly in communion with your feelings, thoughts, and yourself. Further, you are endlessly in communion with others in conscious and unconscious ways. You are also in living communion with the created world in which you are immersed, even if you, like most of us, view creation simply as stage scenery for our little human dramas.

Finally, you are in unrelenting communion, even if you are unaware of it, with God and the Spirit of God. Life is constant Holy Communion because the world was created to be cosmic Communion between God and every creature and entity in the world. This communion flows from life as a seamless unity of every person, creature, plant, animal and star. Holy Communion is more than simply another religious ritual; it is the model for and the definition of all life. So ask yourself, “Am I self-excommunicated?”

Mend my malfunctioning mind,
addicted to isolated alienation viewed
as different, separate from others,
so I can live in Holy Communion.

From A Book of Wonders by Ed Hays


Prayer action suggestion:
Do something to mend the broken Communion around us: feed the poor, listen to the sorrowing, bring peace where there is war.

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