A Psalm of My Whereness

The question “Where Have I come from?”
rises up and haunts me;
lingering, it floats like a flower
in the backwaters of my mind.

Lent 2010 Reflections by Joyce Rupp

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From somewhere deeper than I know,
in the place where I am held to the divine breast,
the voice of God echoes in reply:
“You, my beloved little one,
were hidden in my heart
before your sun burned bright.

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“You were the dream of my delight
before the Earth was born
of the dust of long-dead stars.

“Before I shaped a single star,
I nursed you for endless ages,
feeding you with the essence of my life.

“In my great lap I played with your infinite childlike form
and gazed with love upon your original face,
the mirror form of my own image.

“I laughed with delight at the marvel of your being,
the flesh and bone of my bone.

“And you laughed with glee as I winked,
as the four winds sprang to life
and suns like dandelions
lit up the dark lawn of space.

“Where did you come from? O my child,
you in whom live all my hopes and loves,
you came from me.”

From Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim by Ed Hays


Prayer action suggestion:
Spend time this week sitting with the reality that we all come from the same Source.


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