Eloísa Pérez-Lozano graduated from Iowa State University with her Master's of Science degree in journalism and mass communication in December 2011 and her Bachelor's of Science degree in psychology in May 2007. She started working for NCR as a Bertelsen intern in January 2013 and works on writing articles and shooting photographs for the online and print editions of NCR. She is originally from Houston, Texas.

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Traditional hymns making a comeback

After the emergence and growing presence of Christian praise songs on Sunday, some modern hymn writers are looking to go retro.

According to NPR, husband-and-wife duo Keith and Kristyn Getty of Nashville, Tenn., have been working together to bring back the traditional worship hymn. They believe some people might feel closer to God through more traditional-sounding songs.

Hartford, Conn., barber reinstated by mayor

Earlier this week, a man known as "Joe the Barber" was told he could not give haircuts in exchange for hugs in a Connecticut park because of a lack of city permits.

Good Samaritan barber removed from park in Connecticut

A good Samaritan charging only hugs for haircuts won't be working in a Hartford city park due to residents' concerns for safety and sanitation, according to officials.

Eighty-two-year-old Anthony Cymerys, known as "Joe the Barber," has been offering haircuts for homeless people at Bushnell Park every Wednesday for 25 years and it was just a year ago that the city honored Cymerys for his charitable services.

Colbert disappointed in pope's remarks on redemption for atheists

Stephen Colbert was distraught at Pope Francis' remarks regarding atheists in his latest homily. Christ's redemption including atheists in his latest homily.

According to Catholic News Service, the pope was speaking of people of all or no faith working together to do good. "The Lord has redeemed us all with the blood of Christ, all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone," he said. Some may ask, "'Father, even the atheists?' Them, too. Everyone."