Africa, home to growing number of Christians and Muslims, contends with atheists, too

In deeply religious Africa, both Christianity and Islam are on the rise. But small groups of determined atheists have emerged, and are challenging Africa's grip on faith while seeking recognition and more followers.


Clergy divided as Kenya moves to save forest, evict 40,000 settlers

When forest rangers arrived at Mau Forest Complex in June to evict thousands of illegal settlers, frightened villagers started moving out.

After shuttering 700 churches, Rwanda proposes stricter clergy guidelines

After closing more than 700 churches and some mosques in March, Rwandan government officials have moved to institute guidelines for how faith groups operate in the majority-Christian East African country.

Catholic priest's kidnap illustrates problems Congolese church faces

The recent kidnapping of a Congolese priest illustrates some of the problems the Catholic Church has faced during the prolonged conflict.