Kenyan Supreme Court overturns ruling allowing hijab in Christian schools

An emotional debate over whether Muslim students may wear hijab in Christian schools took a new turn last week Jan. 24 when the Kenyan Supreme Court reversed a lower-court ruling that had allowed female students to wear Muslim headscarves to school.

After Dusit attack, Kenya's clergy urge all faiths to account for their youths

“The issues of returning recent converts has been of great concern to us. As leaders, we have been talking about it and urging Christian communities to account for all the youth,” said the Rev. Wilybard Lagho, vicar general of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa, which has experienced attack recently. “They can be very dangerous since they are hard to suspect.”

Kenyan priests say terror attacks threaten Catholic churches

As frequent terror attacks continue in northeastern Kenya, Catholic bishops and priests are warning that the acts are posing threats to missions and their work.

Africa, home to growing number of Christians and Muslims, contends with atheists, too

In deeply religious Africa, both Christianity and Islam are on the rise. But small groups of determined atheists have emerged, and are challenging Africa's grip on faith while seeking recognition and more followers.