Trump strikes muted tone at National Prayer Breakfast, plays up evangelical interests

President Donald Trump began his remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast by renewing his commitment to the religious conservatives who helped lift him into office.

Native American man from viral video offers to meet with Catholic students, leaders

Nathan Philips, a Native American man seen in a viral video of an encounter with a group of Kentucky Catholic school students, says he wants to meet with them and church officials to discuss the incident and turn it into a “teachable moment.”

Catholic school apologizes after clip emerges of students mocking Native Americans

A Catholic high school in Kentucky is apologizing after videos surfaced of students dressed in the school's garb confronting and mocking a group of Native Americans in Washington, D.C.

Roe v. Wade may be in peril, but future of anti-abortion movement is unclear

Advocates and legal scholars say that for arguably the first time since 1973, undoing Roe isn’t just a dream of anti-abortion activists and the faith-based groups that back them — it’s likely to happen in some form. Less clear is what this possible dismantling will look like, how long it will take and what happens afterward