Sr. Jeannine Gramick is a Sister of Loretto who has been involved in a pastoral ministry for lesbian and gay Catholics since 1971. She co-founded New Ways Ministry and has been an Executive Coordinator of the National Coalition of American Nuns since 2003.

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Sr. Luisa Derouen: Ministry on the gender margins

In an interview with GSR, Sister Luisa, the first woman religious to minister among transgender people, discusses why she chose to no longer remain anonymous in her ministry.

US priests' association wants to focus on formation

Atlanta:  Fr. Bryan Massingale tells the Association of U.S. Catholic Priests, "We are in a struggle for the soul of America."

Where are the priests of Vatican II?

Commentary: I've often wondered what happened to those priests I met right after the Second Vatican Council.


We need a victory of speech over the violence of silence

Perspective: Silence is violence when it denies the existence of a whole category of people, people who have been targeted with physical violence because of who they are.