Kathy Coffey is the author of many books such as Women of Mercy, Hidden Women of the Gospels and God in the Moment: Making Every Day a Prayer. She has four children and gives retreats and workshops nationally.

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Seeing all of life through the banquet lens

Soul Seeing: Does God ever feel that we've overlooked all God's creative efforts? Do we miss Cana miracles in our midst because we're on the starvation diet?

Franciscan sister's nonprofit aims to create bridges between U.S., Vietnam

Some bridges are hard to negotiate, but Bridging Hope is a significant start. Many feel overwhelmed by world poverty, yet finding a trustworthy way to alleviate it is the first step.

Praying with the eye of the soul

Soul seeing reminds me of a visit to the eye doctor. She tries various lenses with different degrees of fuzziness until one finally reaches clarity. “That’s it!” we say in delight. Suddenly, we can see. If we look through the right spiritual lens, we may also recognize times of prayer where we hadn’t noticed them before. Some prayerful moments are as dramatic as bounding across a stage, others as humble as laundry. The common denominator is the spirit of the Creator stirring within us and our response to that voice.

Duo's music brings contagious cheer

For an hour the clients of Empowerment in Denver didn’t have to think about their parole officers, unpaid bills, drug tests, applications for housing, or GED studies. As long as they were singing with the Okee Dokee Brothers, they were free, happy, smiling. People who’d made poor choices or been scorned by polite society, they simply clapped and sang, unworried about past mistakes. While the music played, they could believe in the promise of “I’ll Fly Away”: “a land where joy shall never end.”