The movement for women's equality in the church cannot be stopped

Speakers at the recent Voices of Faith event articulated what is true for millions: We will no longer spend our valuable time waiting patiently for changes in imperialistic church policies that dehumanize and endanger women.


Cardinal's words on same-sex blessings show church's broader dilemma

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx seems to recognize that the church is failing many. But his case-by-case approach only reinforces the church's inability to fully embrace LGBTQI people.


Kick-starting a new Catholic conversation

Commentary: The sorry state of the Catholic conversation about same-sex love prompts us to make a proposal. If we hope to move the discussion in a justice-seeking direction, we need a new approach. 


Catholic schools' contracts are unfair to LGBT community

Opinion: It seems administrators in some Catholic schools are prepared to post signs that say, "No gay people need apply."