Latinas 'Think Big Summit' covers prosperity barriers, solutions

Latinas Think Big, a global network and online platform aiming to advance Latinas’ ventures and careers, held a national summit last month in Cambridge. The event centered on the topic of racial and ethnic wealth disparities and potential pathways to economic prosperity for Latina women in light of the wealth gap.

Will Ferguson be a tipping point for black youth voter turnout?

Community organizers in cities with a history of confrontations between African-Americans and police aren't sure if outrage over Ferguson will translate into votes.

Never too late: getting fit in your 50s and beyond

Even in your 50s, 60s and beyond -- even if you are seriously overweight, have already developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes; even if you've indulged in a steady diet of bad habits or have never set foot in a gym or walked farther than where you parked your car, it's not too late.

With regular exercise, such as dancing, swimming or hitting the gym, you can still become stronger, healthier and more energetic while slowing the effects of aging.


Holder has a compelling case in the shooting death that sparked Ferguson riots

Commentary: Attorney General Eric Holder has taken almost unprecedented, lightning-fast first steps to potentially bring civil rights charges against the officer who shot Michael Brown.