Nicole Symmonds is the visiting assistant professor of Christian ethics at the McAfee School of Theology and a Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow. Her research interests include Christian anti-trafficking work, womanist responses to commercial sex work, sexual ethics in popular culture and society, and Christian social ethics and ethnography. Her current research explores the role of Evangelical Christian whiteness in anti-trafficking work. She received her Ph.D. from Emory University’s Graduate Division of Religion, an M. Div from the Candler School of Theology, and a B.S. in journalism from Florida A&M University.

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Rihanna embodies the sacrament of pregnant joy

Rihanna's pregnancy is a celebration of life that encourages us to consider how to celebrate Black pregnant joy as Catholics and fight for the representation of Black pregnant women in our society, especially within our churches.


The comfort of tweeting through Lent

Tweeting through Lent has meant holding space for people and taking their words seriously. It has helped me make sense of how flesh uses words to make sense of its place in the world.


Wordle reminds us that pleasure has its place, waiting has its benefits

In a world that makes quick and frequent bouts of pleasure and play the norm, Wordle invites us to recognize the virtues of patience and temperance.