Robert Shine advocates for a just and inclusive Catholic Church. He presently serves as associate director of New Ways Ministry, a center of justice and reconciliation for LGBTQ Catholics, and has studied theology at Boston College and The Catholic University of America. For more about Bob's work and writing, visit

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Book Review

New book urges white Christians to assess their 'abuses of faith'

Book review: The book takes down a number of the personalities, institutions and structures of white Christian nationalism that led to President Donald Trump's election and who pose a continued serious threat to multiethnic democracy in the United States. 

Book Review

The answer to suffering is justice

Book Review: Soul force is the place "where the Spirit of God and our human resilience meet," and it is "an awakening to the realization that we have a creative force within us, because we all bear the divine imprint of the Creator."

Book Review

Interfaith dialogue really is relational, accessible

Book Review: Finding Jesus Among Muslims should act as a "facilitator of dialogue." The book raises more questions than it answers, encouraging readers to go forth and learn more. 


Springfield bishop says no funeral rites for Catholics in same-sex marriages

Commentary: It is discrimination to target LGBT people when, in a certain sense, all Catholics could be deemed "manifest sinners."