Roger Vermalen Karban is a priest of the Belleville, Illinois., diocese and pastor-emeritus of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish in Renault, Illinois. He holds a licenciate in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome and did his scripture studies at St. Louis University. He teaches scripture courses at St. Louis University and Southwestern Illinois College.

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Emptying ourselves as Jesus did

Daily Lenten Reflections: No Scripture passage could set a more insightful theme for the month of April than the Fifth Sunday of Lent’s first reading. The only problem is that it should be read in its original Hebrew, not in an English translation.



On the verge of Lent, remember the essentials

Daily Lenten Reflections: It is significant this year that the month containing the first four liturgical readings for Lent begins with the Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time. The Scripture passages for that weekend set the theme for the other four.


Why do we still tolerate Mass stipends?

Grace from Eucharist comes to all of us, whether or not we pay a Mass stipend. But that stipend is a reflection of looking at Eucharist as not an action but a thing -- a commodity.

See what others don’t

Spiritual Reflections: We, like Jesus and Paul, experience God and good in our lives because we’ve become a force of God and good in other people’s lives.