Sarah Mac Donald is a freelance journalist based in Dublin, Ireland. She contributes to The Tablet, the Irish Independent and NCR. She researched and produced the documentary "Mary Ward – Dangerous Visionary," which tells the story of the 16th-century foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Congregation of Jesus. She has contributed to books, including The Francis Factor: A New Departure (Columba Press, 2014) and God's Entrepreneurs: How Irish Missionaries Tried to Change the World (New Island Books, 2010).

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Researcher: Artifacts show that early church women served as clergy

New research suggests women had a greater role in the early church's ministries and liturgies than previously thought, and were present at church altars as deacons, priests and even bishops.

Serious climate message underlies exuberant student strikes in Ireland

After weekly protests over the threat posed by climate change, thousands of students are expected to assemble outside the Irish parliament March 15 as part of a global day of action.

Despite threats of protests, Irish government minister delivers talk on women's ordination

The fear of busloads of protestors demonstrating against Josepha Madigan's position on abortion and divorce led the Sisters of Mercy to cancel the Irish minister's event from taking place on their grounds. 

Extension of compensation to women of Ireland's 'Magdalene laundries' adds to healing

Women who worked in Ireland's "Magdalene laundries" but were denied compensation under the state's Magdalene Restorative Justice program have won their long-running battle to have their applications reassessed