A Blogger Bows Out


Dear readers: The Marian Blog has been running for three months. At the outset I said I thought it might last a year, at which point I'd assess whether to continue it. I feel it has attracted some attention, but also feel, now, three months later, that we're working along previously worn paths -- as if I've come late to a conversation almost concluded.
With a certain wry smile, and a prayerful wish for good health and blessings to all who've participated, I have decided to shutter the blog with the entry below. Thanks for reading,
Arthur Jones

In Full of Grace: Encountering Mary in Faith, Art and Life, Judith Dupre writes:
“New and more expansive understandings of Mary came about in the wake of Vatican II and the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties. Groundbreaking work by feminist theologians has fixed a strong, clear light on the historical, theological and ethical ramifications of Marian piety, pointing out the many ways it has both limited and liberated women and perpetuated stereotypical understandings of both sexes.”
What are your examples of the above; who are the theologians you feel have best grappled with these issues?

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