Eric Clayton is the deputy director of communications at the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States and the author of a forthcoming book on Ignatian spirituality and storytelling from Loyola Press. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife and two daughters.

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'Space Jam: A New Legacy' shows us why we should fear algorithms

The Looney Tunes, LeBron James and a completely over-the-top, high-stakes basketball game make "Space Jam" a fun movie. But underneath the laughter lie serious questions about the meaning of life in the age of algorithms and artificial intelligence.

What Disney's 'Loki' teaches us about the divine

TV review: Though Loki's a far cry from a Catholic Christian understanding of divinity, he does come closest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to embodying a character that is both fully divine and uncomfortably human.

How 'WandaVision' can teach us this Lent

Watching "WandaVision" was not one of my Lenten promises. But now that the series is over — and I've seen how it all plays out — I wonder if it should've been.