Bringing service

Reflect on the following:
How much of what you do each day is service and what part is just work?

Stand in an open doorway. Take a deep breath and deliberately unite with the Holy One’s presence. Call to mind the inner qualities you bring with you into your labors. Extend your arms outward beyond the door. As you do so, send forth your earnest love toward those who are a part of your life today. Imagine this love blessing them. Continue standing in the doorway. Now extend your love to the larger world. Face the East. Send your love to this part of the world. Do the same for the South, the West, and the North. Close by folding your hands over your heart and extending this same goodness to yourself.

Teacher and Healer,
your brought the gift of yourself
to those who benefited from your work.
You touched them with wellsprings of love.
Remind me each day to do the same.
Consecrate all I do today
so my service to others brings a blessing.
I open the door of my heart to you.
I open the door.


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