Caritas Syria: Air strikes reopened wounds, but agency still able to help

Caritas Syria said the recent massive missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France, intended to weaken Syria's chemical weapons capability, have not hindered its assistance to the country.

Christian activists say militias target religious minorities in Syria

Jihadists allied with Turkey are hunting down religious minorities to kill them in Syria's northwest, Christian activists warn, as Turkey and its allies have encircled the Kurdish-held town of Afrin and are relentlessly pushing through.

Christian leader, English bishop add to outcry over attacks in Syria

A Syrian Christian political leader has joined the growing ranks of international condemnation over violent attacks in Syria's northwestern area of Afrin and the Damascus enclave of Eastern Ghouta.

U.N. officials, church leaders decry escalating situation in Syria

As Syria's war soon enters its eighth year, many decry the recent escalation in the conflict in the country's north, between Turkey and the Kurds and in the south, between Iran and Israel.