Abp Williams To Speak at Synod of Bishops

This is extraordinary. Pope Benedict XVI has invited Archbishop Rowan Williams, the Anglican Primate of England, to address the Synod of Bishops next autumn on the New Evangelization.

Mind you, the Holy See does not recognize the validity of Anglican orders, including, therefore, the ordination of Williams as a priest or a bishop. Yet, he is being welcomed to speak at the Synod. Sometimes, when divisions from the past seem insurmountable, the way forward is to look forward together, in the same direction. The Holy Father is telling the whole Church something very, very important here. I hope the members of the USCCB Admin Cm te meeting today in Washington think of this example as they try and figure out a way forward regarding the Church's role in our culture. Instead of issuing anathemas or citing past problems, they need to be willing to look forward, together with those who do not share all their opinions already, and see if they can't find a way to get to the same spot on the horizon.

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