Albacete on Marco Rubio

Our friends at Sussidiario have published a must-read - as in, stop what you are doing and read it right now - article by Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete regarding incoming Sen. Marco Rubio's apparent dual religious affiliation. Rubio self-identifies as both Catholic and a member of a "non-denominational" church affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention.
Msgr. Albavete's column, like everything he writes, bristles with insight. His conclusion is trenchant: "At the same time, this trend to reduce the meaning of a Catholic identity to folklore, to cultural traditions and to a content-free spirituality also threatens American Catholics in general. I am reminded of the observation of Curtis White in Harper’s Magazine (December 2007) already quoted in an earlier column here. We are dealing with the American kind of nihilism. For Nietzsche, European nihilism was the failure of any form of belief. 'American nihilism is something different. Our nihilism is our capacity to believe in everything and anything all at once. It is all good!'"

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