Anti-Catholic Bigotry on Steroids

A new ad set to run in prominent newspapers from the Freedom From Religion Foundation is so chock full of anti-Catholic bigotry and pure venom, one is tempted to fret that we should expect an anti-Popery riot sometime soon.

Of course, it tells you something about the secular left that they seem more concerned with lifestyle choices than with life itself, which ends for them and for us, in the grave. They do not acknowledge that the Church has something to do with proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ, but that would probably not impress them. If they were to be confronted with deLubac's beautiful sentence - what would I know of Him, but for her - they would not likely see the value of knowing Him.

In the small print, they same something about being "free thinkers." This brings to mind a joke I was told by one of my Jewish mentors. An aspiring free thinker goes to visit the Great Free Thinker of Minsk. He knocks at the door and a servant answers it but explains that the Great Free Think of Minsk is saying his afternoon prayers, and the young man should come back later. When he returns several hours later, he is told that the Great Free Thinker is saying his evening prayers, and is instructed to return the following day. He does so. The servant explains that the Great Free Think of Minsk if just finishing his morning prayers, but that he is welcome to have a seat and wait. Finally, he is ushered in to meet the Great Free Thinker of Minsk. The young man cannot help but saying that he came twice yesterday and now this morning, and each time the Great Free Thinker of Minsk was at prayer. "Do you not pray?" asks the Great Free Thinker of Minsk. "No," says the young man. "I am a free thinker." The Great Free Thinker of Minsk replies, "You are not a free thinker - you are just a goy."

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