Atheists Sue Over Ground Zero Cross

According to Huff Post, a group of Atheists are suing to have the "Ground Zero Cross" removed from the museum being erected at the site or, in the alternative, to have a bunch of other religious and non-religious symbols included in the museum.
I have no objection to this latter course. Indeed, I think the atheists just need a bit of patience. The Ground Zero site will become like the wall at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial here in Washington. People will leave all sorts of mementoes and the museum should find a way to display them regularly. A memorial, like a church, grows into its own cultural niche with time. There was a time when Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was pristine, not ancient. Now, the stone has been softened by the years, and by incense, and by the smoke from burning candles, and by prayer.
The Ground Zero Cross became profoundly meaningful to many people who lost loved ones on 9/11. I am quite confident if you took a poll of the family's of those lost, they would disagree with the atheists, and want to see the Cross included. And, as for Mr. Silverman, whose distribe in defending the lawsuit is repellant, he needs to read Augustine on the nature of evil.

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