Best News of the Night: Kaptur Wins!

Most everyone was watching the GOP primary in Ohio, but pro-life Democrats who care about the unborn, the undocumented, and unions can celebrate the fact that Cong. Marcy Kaptur beat Cong. Dennis Kucinich in a newly configured district that placed the two Dems in a primary fight. At last count, with 84 percent of the precincts reporting, Kaptur had a 24-point win, which is about as decisive as it gets. Kucinich not only abandoned his pro-life position, he became one of the whiniest members of Congress who did much harm to the causes he championed with his antics, his Limbaugh-quality rhetoric, and his puerile policy stances. Those who seek purity in politicians love politicians like Kucinich, but I just see the flipside of Santorum. Give me a sane centrist like Kaptur any day of the week.

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