Censorship on the Left Is Just as Ugly

So, the Rev. Louie Giglio has withdrawn from the Inaugural ceremony after remarks he made in the 1990s about homosexuality caused an uproar. The uproar was the latest instance of leftie censorship which is just as ugly as, and more hypocritical than, conservative censorship.


To be clear, many people's views on homosexuality have changed, and changed dramatically, in the past decade or so. I do not know what Rev. Giglio thinks today, but what the pastor said in the 1990s was merely a reiteration of what almost all Christian churches had taught for centuries. It may have been wrong. It was not the same thing as denying the Holocaust. Yet, on the left, there is a deification of sensitivity at all costs, and Rev. Giglio evidently crossed the line. Similar lines are drawn at universities - of all places! - with the introduction of speech codes. This censorship is just as ugly as ugly can be. I do not know why President Obama initially chose this pastor. I would have chosen someone different. But, the idea that a group of activists, for any cause, can exercise a heckler's veto is disturbing in the extreme. And, it should be especially disturbing to anyone who calls themselves a liberal.


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