The Christian Case for Vegetarianism

My friend Charles Camosy, theology professor at Fordham, has a new book out that examines the moral implications of the way our culture processes its food, especially those processes which inflict cruelty on animals. Camosy has penned an op-ed that just appeared in the Seattle Times that captures some of the arguments he makes in the book.  He called the other night to alert me to an upcoming speaking gig in the DC area at which he will discuss his book. I was unembarrassed by the fact that as we spoke, I was turning a couple of racks of baby back ribs on the grill. I do not share Camosy's convictions, and add this to the list of my many sins. But, his articles and books are always thought-provoking so I have no hesitancy in commending both to Distinctly Catholic's readers.

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