The Corapi Case Continues

The Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity issued a press release yesterday regarding the sad case of Father John Corapi.
The entire episode makes me feel sick to my stomach, and this is not only because Father Corapi's view of the world bore little resemblance to my own. One of my most conservative priest friends, to whom I turn to see how the world and the Church are viewed in those precincts, previously sent me an email that perfectly elucidates some of the questions this episode raises:
I'll bet next month's collection that we're going to learn a bit more about Corapi before this is all done. Why was a religious priest living apart from his community? In a house he owns personally? Why was he in sole control of a corporation that has employees and makes a profit? Why was his company in the habit of signing confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with its employees? Was he turning over all income to his community? If not, is the IRS aware that he is a wealthy man?

These are all good questions and I hope they find answers before a human tribunal as they will surely require answers before a divine one.

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