The "Danger of Good Popes"?

Me? I don't perceive much of a danger in the Church having good popes. But, Brantley Millegan, writing at First Things, only six months into the pontificate of Pope Francis, thinks it is time to trot out a series of arguments once reserved for Gallicans and the goofy left about the limits of the papacy. I am sure there is no coincidence between this oh, so thoughtful reflection on the history of the papacy and the advent of a pope who is upsetting the apple carts of the American right. Millegan's article is not exactly a case of "What Pope Francis Meant To Say," more of an instance of arguing that whatever he says is not very significant. Still, it is close enough to win this week's WPFMTS award. And, can you imagine First Things publishing an article like this if JPII were still sitting on the papal throne?

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