Eric Cantor Crashes on 60 Minutes

In case you missed last night's "60 Minutes" profile of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, it is worthwhile takeing a moment to watch it. It was a disaster for Cantor. Leslie Stahl tried to get him to at least acknowledge that either he and his fellow Republicans must learn how to compromise or admit that they are willing to be intransigent on what they believe are issues upon which compromise is impossible. He couldn't do it.

The worst moment, however, came at the end when Stahl pointed out that Ronald Reagan compromised and raised taxes. Off-camera, you heard a voice that was identified as Cantor's press secretary. The press secretary was taking issue with Stahl's premise but that is emphatically not his job. She posed the question to Cantor and it was his job to answer it or dodge it. Having a handler intervene made Cantor look like a martinet.

The other day I heard GOP pollster Frank Luntz note that Congress' approval rating is at 9 percent, which is lower than Qadaffi's approval rating was among Libyans when he was killed by those same Libyans.

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