First CCHD; Now CRS

by Michael Sean Winters

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We have seen these witch hunt tactics before. The parallel magisterium over at LifeSiteNews has taken exception to Catholic Relief Services because of a grant it made for emergency assistance - food, basic nutrition services, sanitation and clean water - to CARE. The grant did not fund abortions. The grant did not fund contraceptives. But, the President of CARE, Helene Gayle, is an outspoken support of abortion rights. Shame on her, to be sure. But, no shame on CRS.

A few years back, it was the parallel magisterium of Judie Brown that attacked the Catholic Campaign for Human Development along similar lines. They knew someone who knew someone who had a connection to Planned Parenthood, or something like that. It is all so much foolishness.

Recently, during the violent storms that afflicted the Washington area, all the neighbors on my street came out to make sure everyone was alright. We consoled each other. My neighbor with his chainsaw helped cut away a tree in another neighbors' yard, which had fallen down. He helped to repair the fence it had shattered. (I am not good with powertools and merely watched!) I wonder if he thought to ask if the women he was helping had any connection to Planned Parenthood or were aware of Ms. Gayle's stance on abortion. I did not overhear such a conversation.

CRS does more to save lives throughout the world than any of these pundits at LifeSiteNews. The latter rant about life. CRS actually saves lives. The bishops have to stand behind CRS the way they did behind CCHD and not cave in to these witch hunts. If anyone on the planet thinks that CRS or CCHD winks at abortion or any other threat to human dignity, they are not paying attention. These attacks are obscene. The scandal to the faithful is not that a grant was made to CARE. The scandal is a group of self-appointed zealots sowing confusion among the faithful about the good works of CRS and CCHD. It must stop and the bishops must be the ones to stop it. And, I am going online this morning to make a donation to CRS and wish them continued blessings upon their work.

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