Florida, Florida, Florida

Looking at Florida county by county, Miami Dade is coming in strong for Clinton, and she is already garnering more votes there than Obama got in 2012, and only 80 percent of the vote is in yet. In Orange County, which includes Orlando, she is over performing Obama by 50,000 votes and has sixty percent of the county vote, compared to Obama's 58 percent. That's how you win a state: Increasing your margins at the margins. In Duval County, with almost all the vote in, Trump is running marginally behind Mitt Romney's totals from four years ago. In Santa Rosa County, in the panhandle, Trump is falling short of the vote totals Romney garnered. 

If these trends hold, Trump will lose Florida and with it the election. Just as he failed to prepare for the debates, and lost those, his failure to mount a ground game may cost him the whole enchilada.

Catholic University politics professor Stephen Schneck reports: "My daughter called with emotion in voice about women putting their "I Voted" stickers on the grave of Susan B. Anthony today. Proud here." Indeed.

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