Good Guy Randy Edsall

College football season is about to begin. This, like the start of college basketball season, brings a smile to my face. I am not such a fan of professional sports where the egos seem to get in the way of a good game with more than a little regularity. But, college football is a great game, especially when you can attend in person but kicking back and watching it on television is not a bad way to spend a Saturday either.

A few years ago, heading into the gym at Catholic University, I ran into Athletic Director Mike Allen. He was walking with Randy Edsall, the coach of the University of Connecticut football team, and he introduced and we passed a few moments in conversation. I grew up about twenty minutes from the UConn campus so I know it well and a friend of mine played football for Edsall a few years back. He seemed like a great guy.

Well, I just got this article which shows my first impression was a correct impression. Edsall really shows how it is possible to push back against some of the cultural forces that threaten to turn college athletics into little more than a staging area for the pros. And, he has managed to revitalize his football program in the process. Sometimes, good guys do finish first.

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