Great News on Immigration

"Morning Briefing" linked to the AP story about a bipartisan group of senators coming forward with the outlines of a proposal for comprehensive immigration reform. I read the Washington Post's account on the flight here to Colorado. This is very good news for several reasons. First, a group of Republican senators signed off on granting undocumented workers a path to citizenship, which looked to be the biggest hurdle in reaching agreement. The details remain to be seen as to how this will work, but the proposal allows the undocumented to emerge from the shadows immediately, gain legal status and a work permit and, eventually, get their citizenship. This is a huge step. The second really good thing was that Senator Marco Rubio, who is a Tea Party darling, signed off on the deal. If he cannot provide cover for House Republicans, no one can. And, the third reason to be happy is that for the first time in a long time, senators are working in a bipartisan fashion to get something important done for the country.

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