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by Michael Sean Winters

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There are few Catholic academics I admire more than Notre Dame's Cathleen Kaveny. Her writings combine copious learning with penetrating insights and good prose. She has an eye for the culture that is always on point.

In a blog post at Commonweal, Kaveny calls attention to a recent NYTimes essay and asks why so many people do not encounter or experience religion as "good news" and goes on to ask her readers to suggest what book or books they would recommend to someone who finds Catholicism, and religion generally, not worthy of their consideration. The thread Kaveny has started has some very interesting submissions. Here is mine: Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete's "God at the Ritz," a fun but profound introduction to Catholicism that is a quick read, but one that has anyone inclined to search going deeper than they thought possible and down profoundly orthodox paths too!

So, dear readers, what are your suggestions? Post them here and/or at professor Kaveny's post.

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